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Armed with only a camera and a laptop, Jeremy Pape of Welcome to the D.O.P.E. Game is ready to take the music video world by force. The Canada native levels with RFLX 5280 to talk about his art, his style, and D.O.P.E.’s next move.

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It’s a chilly morning in the Mile High and I walk into Illegal Grounds Coffeehouse all too ready to warm my hands with a freshly brewed soy hazelnut latte. I say hello to the smiling barista who’s busy wiping milk froth from the counters and inhale the friendly atmosphere. The air’s deliciously thick with the scent of spicy chai and earthy coffee grounds. I can’t help but order a large and foamy cup before introducing myself to the gentleman in plaid, who’s planted on a big, comfy sofa in the seating area of this quaint little café, intently working on his laptop. There’s no doubt; Jeremy Pape, aka Konsequence, is a tireless virtuoso.

He works days and nights with the motley crew that embodies, “Welcome to the D.O.P.E. Game”, a creative assemblage he founded alongside Turner Jackson, the late Marcus “Arilius” Hayes, and DJ Dozen. Their philosophy is simple — “Don’t Oppress Positive Energy.” — and there’s definitely a wave of cool, creative energy radiating from the burgeoning collective of positive thinkers.

As Director of Photography for major projects like Turner Jackson and Sid Madrid’s video for “Malt Liquor” (which was filmed in Denver) and Gucci Mane’s video for “North Pole”, Konsequence already has his foot in the door of opportunity.

In January, he also colluded with Ink Monstr to produce his first art show, appropriately named, “The Brown Bag Art Show”, which showcased his photographic talents to an Invite-Only crowd of enthusiasts.

In the words of the great Doc Brown (yes, that was a Back To The Future reference), “ If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” Although Doc may be a fictional character, Konsequence shows us that his words are pure truth. The power of the mind is a positive energy that gives us the ability to conquer all. Put your mind to something and welcome yourself to the D.O.P.E. game.


How did you come up with the name “Konsequence”?

Jeremy Pape: I used to do really shitty graffiti in Colorado Springs when I was younger [and that was my alias]. I was born in Toronto, Ontario and lived there until the end of middle school. I went to high school in Colorado Springs, then moved to L.A., and went to school there for a little bit but — same story as everybody else — you run out of money and come back home to try to figure some shit out.

How would you describe your work?

JP: I’m unique. It’s pretty much just telling stories and evoking emotion. Those are two things that I like to do. So I guess [my work is] whatever that is, whether it be with photos, videos, or design. It’s definitely not nearly as polished as other people’s work. Visually, I’ve always liked a little grunge. I love it. I’m not even sure if it’s relevant anymore, but other people seem to like it, too. I just picked up a camera maybe a year and some change ago, so my style is always evolving, but I know that it’ll always be honest and documentary. I’m not the kind of guy that shoots studio settings and cars draped with girls. That’s not me at all.

How did you get started?

JP: Akomplice clothing company is, like, my favorite clothing company ever. They really made me want to design, but I sucked at it. I’m, like, the worst artist. I’m terrible at drawing, but I graduated from UCD with a degree in Fine Arts for digital design. I just picked up directing videos when I met my friend, Turner Jackson. I did a few of his album covers and one day he said, “I’m sure we could learn how to make a music video,” and, well, we did!

How do you find inspiration?

JP: Just living my life. It’s weird as shit. Haha!

What influences your work?

JP: I am obsessed with Hype Williams-he’s mega dope-and there’s a lot of directors in Atlanta that I really appreciate, like Motion Family and Decatur Dan. I look to them for all the cool new shit. I also really love European graffiti artists and that Basquiat-esque European swag. They’re street artists but their work is still classy.

What’s the connection between your work and your life?

JP: They’re one and the same, really.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

JP: My mom told me to never give up.

What’s next for Welcome to the D.O.P.E. game?

JP: We’re going to be putting together a few shows in the next year. I really want to focus on pushing the art community of Denver. Our last art show was really successful so we want to hold another one at the Jet Hotel on March 29th. I want to feature some of my favorite Denver artists. [The theme is going to be “40 oz.” Each artist will be presenting an interpretation of 40 oz. of malt liquor.] I also hope to push some sort of cool monthly art scene that’s NOT like First Friday. First Friday is cool, but it’s already established and the scene really isn’t ‘me’. I think we could get really progressive and do some cool stuff.

What is one thing you wish you’d done when you first started out?

JP: I wish I would have believed that my career was going to be successful. That would have informed a lot of my decisions better.

What are you reading right now?

JP: Just Do Something [ by Kevin DeYoung]. I’m not a thinker, I’m a doer. I like to meditate while I’m in action, so I probably don’t need to be reading this book; it’s only fueling the fire. But it’s cool because it’s shown me how to be confident in the decisions I’m making and how not to worry about fortune cookie quotes and other bullshit. I really only read self-help books.

What can’t you start a day without?

JP: Coffee and weed.

What do you wish you could spend more time on?

JP: Selfishly and honestly, I wish I could just spend more time on myself. I’m actually going to South America in May because I really need that right now.

Must have accessory?

JP: This wooden rosary. I have to have this, always. The first video I ever did outside of Colorado was Gucci Mane’s “North Pole” video. We shot it in the trap and that’s also where I stayed. I had to sleep with my laptop in my arms and my camera as a pillow because I didn’t know if it was gonna get jacked! I got this rosary right before I stayed there and nothing bad happened. I know He was holding me down.

Memorable and regrettable splurge?

JP: I don’t really splurge on anything except plane tickets. You should always treat yourself to travel. If you don’t buy clothes, buy plane tickets.

How would you describe your style?

JP: Dirty. I try to be tasteful. My only thing is, no holes in the jeans… my mom would never like that.

What clothing trend do you really hate?

JP: I just can’t get behind the men’s dress thing. But at the same time, my dad can’t get behind the saggy skinny jeans thing, so I’m sure when I’m 40 and I have 17 year olds wearing dresses, I’ll just be like “I don’t get it,” no matter how much they explain to me why it’s cool to them.

“If you looked in my closet right now, you’d mostly find…”

JP: Flannel and Vans. I probably have 20–25 pairs of Vans shoes.

Guilty pleasure?

JP: Everyone knows that I love drugs and alcohol, so probably that, but if you ask the girls, they’ll say the girls.

Favorite song of the moment?

JP: Oh. My. Gosh. Right now my favorite song is “Work’ by Young Scooter and Gucci Mane.

Hidden talent?

JP: My brothers and I are actually really good at synchronized swimming. Ha! We had a lot of time together while we were growing up.

Favorite TV show?

JP: I don’t really watch TV but I watched Sons of Anarchy on Netflix and went through all of it ridiculously fast.

Favorite Movie?

JP: In the Land of Women, starring Adrien Brody. My ex stole it, but I love that movie.

Favorite Meal?

JP: Breakfast Burritos, hands down. I used to run a breakfast burrito blog where I would review the joints that I liked. Illegal Pete’s floats my boat right now.

Bronco Gang?

JP: I’m from Canada so we don’t really get into football, but, of course, I’ll cheer for the home team.

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